The website of the online jewelry shop “JewelryDesign.EU” is exclusive property of Crown OÜ. Our shop specializes in online retail sales of high-quality gold and silver jewelry. Our company traces its history back to 2007. We work with Russia and Europe’s biggest jewelry factory SOKOLOV, based in the Russian Federation. Jewelry by SOKOLOV is refined and of premium class. You can find out more detailed information about the jewelry brand SOKOLOV on the pages of our website…

Everything is simple: you select a jewelry piece in our shop, place an order, pay and receive it in beautiful packaging. However, behind that simplicity lies the hard work of our team whose mission is to make your life brighter with JewelryDesign.eu by bringing color and carats of happiness to it!

Crown OÜ always strived to be closer to their clients and manage their needs in the most effective ways. The opening of our online shop is another step forward in that direction. Online Jewelry Shop JewelryDesign.EU gives you the opportunity to get better acquainted with our catalogue, detailed product descriptions, relevant information about availability and cost, place an order and receive your purchased item.

We value each of our customers, because choosing JewelryDesign.EU means that you share our vision of beauty and we are alike. We value and do everything possible to make sure you enjoy shopping for jewelry exclusively at our shop. We are knowledgeable about jewelry. No matter what jewelry piece you choose, we will do everything to get it delivered to you quickly as possible!


Dear clients!

We will explain briefly and understandably the benefits of our online shop so that you can objectively evaluate our advantages. We will focus on the key moments that will make shopping enjoyable for you.

Quality. SOKOLOV is the biggest jewelry brand in Russia that manufactures original designer jewelry. Professional jewelers with generations of experience make our products. SOKOLOV jewelry settings have certificates in the form of a label. The back of the label contains full product description, product number and individual barcode. The authenticity of the purchased SOKOLOV jewelry can be checked by the barcode. The label is attached to the item with a chain and an aluminium identification tag.

Cost. Our online shop offers affordable prices that are much lower than the ones in typical jewelry stores. Additionally, you get 10% off on your next purchase.

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