Jewelry brand SOKOLOV is a well known brand all over Russia that began its history in 1993. The brand’s products are created at Russia’s largest jewelry factory and are presented in more than 6 000 multi-brand shops in twelve countries. SOKOLOV creates more than 30 000 models of jewelry products of exceptional quality at a reasonable price. SOKOLOV’s own retail network is located in Switzerland. The shops of the brand are presented in Bern, Lucerne and Fribourg. SOKOLOV’s stores rightfully become decorations of the cities where they are located.

The jewelry production is located in the heart of the country; Red-on-Volga, Kostroma region, a place which is rightly called the jewelry capital of Russia. It produces about 49% of all jewelry created in the Russian Federation. More than 6 million jewelry products of the brand are created per year, and more than 24 thousand per day!

According to the Assay Inspection of the Russian Federation, the plant has been officially recognized as the number one jewelry manufacturer in the country since 2011. The industrial complex is the largest in Europe and covers an area of over 26 thousand square meters. It employs more than 1800 professionals who care about each ornament. SOKOLOV is a jewelry company with a long history. A small family jewelry shop has grown into an international company.

The design and creation of jewelry

Jewelers of SOKOLOV combine modern technologies and traditional manual work. Artists develop design of ornament, considering global trends and interests of buyers. Experts of the company think much of every, passing through their hands, jewelry, putting heart and soul in each ornament.

SOKOLOV jewelry is a real masterpiece of Russian masters. SOKOLOV’s designer jewelry is distinguished by the highest quality, modern design, elegance and individuality. Every woman, regardless of style and age, will find something special and individual for her. White, pink and yellow gold, silver, platinum, and also precious and semiprecious stones are used for jewelry production. Jewelers of SOKOLOV use sapphires, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, topazes, pearls, grenades and other precious and semiprecious stones. Large selection of materials gives the designers the ability to create truly exclusive jewelry.

Jewelry quality guarantee

Attentive approach to the products of SOKOLOV is the principle of all staff of the company. Professionals of the business, many of which are jewelers of several generations, work on the creation of the jewelry. The equipment installed at the production provides high accuracy of execution of the products. The jewelry is checked at each production phase, guaranteeing the best quality.

Jewelry inserts are supplied by the largest companies. Gemologists manually inspect the stones to meet the strict requirements of SOKOLOV. Much attention is paid to optical performance and the quality of the cut. Precious metals like gold and silver are purchased exclusively from banks. This guarantees the authenticity of the origins of the metals. Additional metals for jewelry alloys are bought in ready mixes from the leading producer in Italy.

Each SOKOLOV ornament has two hallmarks guaranteeing authenticity. All the products are controlled by the State Assay Inspection, and receive a stamp. This print confirms that the product contains the declared amount of gold or silver. The second hallmark shows the information about the producer which allows defining what company has produced the jewel.